Writing a Blog Comment for SEO:

Blog Commenting

Writing a blog comment is an easier task as compare to article writing, academic writing or product review writing. Blog commenting is a very popular term in SEO and it is used to enhance the SEO activities, basically a well-written comment is posted under a relevant post on a blog and an anchor text is attached with the blog commenter’s comment. This anchor text may contain the URL to the commenter’s website, business page, portfolio, Facebook fan page or any other URL.

Blogs can be of two type, a do follow blog and a no-follow blog, blog commenter’s look for a do-follow blog mostly. Some blogs might ask the commenter to register and login before they post a comment in that case the chances of comment approval are very low, on the other hand blogs which do not abide the user to register and login approves the comment quickly and it is prefer by the commenter.

Steps to Write a Blog Comment:

A blog comment should be :

1- very short and concise

2- Clearly written and should not look like a spamming text

3- It should be meaningful and the best way is to read few lines to get an idea what the article is about before commenting on the blog

4- place a properly checked url in the anchor text

5- Do not write lengthy comments

6- Do not post too much comments on the same blog

7- Try to do a bit research and make a list of related blogs before you start commenting to market your url through this technique ; )