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What is Article Spinning?

Ever Thought What is Article Spinning?

Article Spinning

If you have ever written articles or maintained a blog, you must have got a bulk of content. Do you know that you can still use this as unique content by simply shuffling up the sentence arrangement and doing some changes? Yes! This technique is called articles spinning in the content writing world. The article spinning technique changes the sentences arrangement by a particular order and changing few words with their appropriate synonyms to create another piece of unique writing. This piece of writing has similar meaning and context but the way of writing changes which makes it different from the original article.

You can write one sentence in a number of ways, for instance” Its a sunny day, we should go on beach” or” We should go to seaside, its a bright day”, meaning and context is same but the order is changed and the appropriate synonyms are used.

Article Spinning is Easier By Software:

To spin an article there are a number of software available, you can download and run it on your pc or even you can use an on-line article spinner to spin an article within few seconds. The best approach is to use article spinner and plagiarism checker in parallel. This way you can spin an article and check it for plagiarism at the same time, which will reveal the percentage of uniqueness in the content after spinning.

The article spinning technique is used by content writing services provides, this is because they have to provide bulk of content everyday for seo and marketing purpose. These content writing services aware their customers that they will be providing unique plus spin content on a regular basis. They also explain the important of 100% unique and first time written content as well as spin content which has a certain percentage of uniqueness.

Article Spinning Works Magically Fast:

The article spinning technique works magical for those who want to get quick results on search engines; they get good ranking by continuously posting quality content on different webpage, blogs and their own website.  This content is also rotated on article directories, ping through websites and virally used on social networks which ultimately brings fast positions and surge the search engine rankings.

Article spinning is safe and legal to some extent though too much spinning affects the quality of content and at some point it becomes meaningless which of no use to the reader. Article spinning and article re-writing are a bit different from each other, we will talk about article re-writing in the next article…so continue reading and keep visiting this blog!

Why You Need Content Writing Services?

You Need Content Writing Services:

Hire A Content Writer

You have set up a very good website for your business and you are getting few visitors daily.  but do you think you will get potential customers, and convertible customers on your website? Well, the answer is no, because nobody will find it on popular search engines at good ranking for appropriate keywords until you will do some extra work on it. You have to go for SEO services, you have to optimize your website, get some good content written by content writing services and market your website as much as you can.  Best approach for marketing your website is to make a blog section in your website and start populating it with quality content. Web crawlers love unique content and when they find it anywhere on the web they try to reach it fast.  As soon as you have got good content written by content writing services, you will see results. Your website will be positioned and ranked on top of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Content Writing Services Helps In Getting Good Ranking

Once you get good ranking, your posts will be appearing automatically when a potential buyer will enter searches related to your business, this will take the user to the page containing that content.  Once the user enters your website or blog he/she will surely explore and navigate through the pages. This will build visitor’s interest and tiny URL somewhere at the end of the article, or author’s bio or services page will urge him/her to get details about your business. You can market other pages of your business website, Facebook fan page, twitter page, LinkedIn profile through the quality content provided on your blog.

Update Your Blog Daily- Hire A Content Writer:

Of course you can not update your blog everyday, and the quantity of content matters, therefore in order to maintain quality and quantity you need to hire a content writer who can update the blog daily with few relevant posts. These posts should be related to your business, informative, perfectly written and should  leave a good impression of your business.

This technique works magically since the Google changed its policies and started to index only quality content. Gone are the days when everything got ranking, no matter its just a crap and poorly written, spin or duplicate content!!

How to Write Your First Unique Article?

Unique Article Writing Tips:

Article Writing Tips

If this is the first time you have decided to write something you need some article writing help.  Article writing is the most commonly known type of writing and it is frequently used  term when we talk about blogs, web content, how to’s and anything that can be written in a casual way and described in an easy to understand way. No matter you have to write a informative article, a memorable experience you would like to share with the readers, a piece of writing that can bring awareness to the readers, technological article or anything that comes up in your mind which you want to share on the web if written perfectly will surely grab the reader’s attention.

Follow These Steps to Write your First Article:

If you are willing to write an interesting and perfect piece of article you should follow the simple steps of unique article writing mentioned below:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is, ‘ good readers are good writer’. If you have stamina of reading you can be one of the best writers on the web.
  2. Polish your web surfing and researching skills. All computer users are web surfers because they are searching from shoes to cars and visiting various websites to find what they want. If you want to be a good article writer and you have plans to work on niche writing later on you should have command on researching things through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo adn Bing.
  3. Article writing is not limited to hobbyist or sharing your thoughts through blogging, it can be very good means of earning. Cash your skills and spent time on reading marketing and commercial articles. These articles are written on the basis of keywords to promote a specific business. The way of writing in marketing and promotional stuff is a bit different form the conventional way of doing blogging.
  4. Try to organize what you write, use paragraphs, bullets, numbers, pictures and tables to mention facts and figures. The more organized you will make your writing; more audience will be reading your writings.
  5. Try to divide the writing into parts; the true flavor of article writing comes when you learn to divide things in to their specific sections. Start with the introduction part (the first one or two paragraphs), then work on the body of the article (this is the place where you provide maximum possible information to the reader) , the last but not the least work on the concluding part (this is the closing paragraph and it will compile all the findings , arguments, facts and details of the topic you were discussing

Done! Written Your First Unique Article?

Once you are done writing your first article according to the above mentioned points, format it in any text editor for e.g Ms Word. Use standard font, spacing, align-justify and then share it on the web.

There are several ways of sharing your unique article writing on the web, you can use free blogs, wiki-how’s, social networks, article directories, forums and paid domains. This is another how-to that we will be discussing shortly on this blog so keep visiting for other informative stuff..>>

Work From Home

Working from home at some point, and thanks to technology almost all of them have the options now as well. Considering the financial and personal advantages that full-time employees would have, even if they only worked a couple of days perweek from home, most people would consider it the ideal set-up.

Obviously the biggest advantageof being able to send in your work projects from home is the freedom and flexibility you enjoy. You can construct your daily routine according to yourpersonal needs, whether it is time you want to spend with your family, or atthe gym, or maybe at a class, you will have complete control over when you wantto work. The second biggest advantage is the money you save. 

No more commuting expenses; either be it public transport or your own car, the latter alsomeaning no more parking fees or traffic fines. Also, you save on those expensive clothes for work and the lunch you may buy while there. Another major benefit is the improvement it can have on your health and well-being, includingthe fact that working on your own lets you handle stress however you see fit. In addition, having employees work from home has huge benefits for employers aswell. Office costs are significantly reduced, since fewer people in the officemeans lower operational costs and lesser overheads. 

Furthermore, productivity is increased; as employees that happen to have more time to be with theirfamilies or to do things for themselves, they’re mostly happier people.  Happier people are less stressed out and areless likely to make mistakes.  Therefore,happier people are more productive, which leads to more work done and more money saved.

 Nothing is perfect, and neither is working from home. As we mentioned in the beginning, it will have its pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is the great amount of distractions you might have to face. Either it being the sickness of your partner, child or pet, you will be more concerned while at home. Even if you live alone, all by yourself, home distractions would range from a broken appliance to the door bell ringing. 

Similarly, while you try to work on your computer, you may get tempted to read the news online, or check your friend’slatest status update or a video link they posted. Such websites are normally restrictedat the office to increase attention and remove disruptions. Another great disadvantage is isolation, especially if you’re living alone; as home-basedemployees will have to miss out on the social interaction provided at workplaces. Employers also have to face a number of problems with employeesworking from home. These include; performance monitoring, information-securityrisks and communication problems at organizational levels. Furthermore, not alljob posts are flexible enough to be outsourced to employee’s homes. 

How to Become Freelance Writer?

A freelancer,freelance worker, or freelance writer is somebody who is self-employed and isnot committed to a particular employer long term. These workers are oftenrepresented by a company or an agency that resells their labor and that ofothers to its clients with or without project management and labor contributedby its regular employees. Others are completely independent. ‘Independentcontractor” would be the term used in a higher register of English.
In freelancing fieldyou write on common topics which include : music, journalism, publishing,screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances,editing, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading,indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design,website development, consulting, tour guiding, video editing, video productionand translating.

Freelance practicevaries greatly. Some require clients to sign written contracts, while othersmay perform work based on verbal agreements, perhaps enforceable through thevery nature of the work. Some freelancers may provide written estimates of workand request deposits from clients. The imaginative writer’s purpose is alwaysone of the following: to paint a picture, to convey an idea, or to convey or awakena feeling.
The Internet hasopened up many freelance opportunities, expanded available markets, and hascontributed to service sector growth in many economies. This has spurredconflict because American and European workers are not receiving the benefits.The compromise has led to student freelancers who now provide a steady sourceof cheap labor. At the same time, this increased enforcement is affectingcompanies whose business models are based on using non-employee workers, aswell as independent professionals who have chosen to work as independentcontractors. For example, book publishing companies 

It is important tonote that being a freelancer is not suitable to all people. Being a freelancerrequires discipline and self-motivation along with other easier to acquireskills. If the freelancer works at home they are prone to additional stresses, thatif not managed properly. Freelancers often must handle contracts, legal issues,accounting, marketing, and other business functions by themselves. If they dochoose to pay for professional services, they can sometimes turn intosignificant out-of-pocket expenses. Working hours can extend beyond thestandard working day and working week

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