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What is Dye Sublimation Ink?

The sublimation inkjet printing is gaining popularity in digital textile printing; it replaced the conventional screen printing concepts and occupying the market with its advanced featuresand pros. Sublimation ink and sublimation cartridges are provided for a limited range of Epson and Ricoh printers currently, therefore it is very important to carefully select the ink, it should match the exact printing requirements without compromising quality of the image and printer mechanism.

What is Sublimation Printing Process?

Sublimation printing is a very simple two to three step process which depends on sublimation ink, heat and pressure.  The impressive point of thisadvanced technique of digital imaging is that it converts solid colors intogaseous state without converting them to liquid, therefore maintaining theimage quality and giving output that looks just like original object.

You will find a huge collection of sublimationink and sublimation cartridges giving you finest quality digital and textileimaging. The sublimation printing process brought a drastic change and  revolution in digital and textile imaging industry.   The out of the box approach of using sublimation printing process speed up and refreshed the designing and imagingconcepts.

How to Install CISS in Epson

Continuous Ink Supply System 

Continuous Ink Supply System is gaining popularity due to its economical and cost effective attributes. The cost per page is 20-30 times less than the cost per page printed by using printer cartridges. The CISS is easy to install, ready to use and saves the cartridge replacement time. It is ideal solution for those who need frequent printouts daily.

Simple Steps to Install CISS in Epson

There few very simple steps to follow for installing CISS in your Epson printer:
  • Bring all the accessories at your printer table and check for any air in the printing tubes.
  •  Check the printer for nozzle test, it is recommended to print nozzle test sheet
  •  If your printer is working perfectly, take out a colored printout before you install CISS.
  •  Place the CISS on right side of the printer and keep the air plugs out and install the air filters.
  •  Choose Main menu ->maintenance->cartridge change->cartridge change tools->next step->next step->confirm
  •  Take the cartridge out by lifting up cartridge cover and opening it through screw driver.
  •  Take out the Epson cartridge inside the printer and move the cartridge carrier to the left, now install the CISS cartridge into the printer and adjust the cartridge at the right place.
  •  It is very important to move the button chip at the right place otherwise the CISS will not be recognized by the printer.
  •  In order to check the tube length move the cartridge carrier to the left and then to the right side and verify that the ink tube falls on paper board.
  •  If there is any problem in the tube length you can adjust it by shortening or increasing its size, the sticker can also be adjusted to prevent tube from falling.
  •  Carefully watch the sticker it should not squeeze the ink tube when the printer cover or paper cover is closed.
  •  Now plug in the printer wire, close the printer cover and take a test printout also check if the printer makes any noise.
  •  It is also recommended to check the printer nozzle for any errors, if it is working smoothly the CISS is installed perfectly alternatively the nozzle should be checked and cleaned properly, still if it shows missing lines or color fade turn off the printer for an hour and then turn it on again.

The CISS is bit different from the conventional cartridge installing and changing procedure therefore it is advised to check all the accessories when the CISS kit is received and the steps should be followed carefully.

Use CISS- Get Cheaper Printouts

Computergadgets are available in a wide range with different prices, innovative modelsand attractive features which confuse the consumer. Printer is one suchperipheral device which is now a necessity for every home and office.
A smartbuyer will prefer a printer which is economical, produces high quality prints, consumesless ink and is not a burden on pocket. Most of the consumers complain aboutthe exhaustive ink cartridge replacement process. Selecting and comparing theprices, checking model compatibility and visiting the store regularly whichrequires time and hassle of travelling. With the passage of time andtechnological advancements, considering the exhaustive cartridge replacementissue and expensive ink refills, the computer experts found a better solution.i.e. CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System).

CISS standsfor continuous ink supply system and it has a lot of benefits as compare toconventional ink re-filling and cartridge system. A CISS system once purchasedand installed into the printer is a onetime investment. Since, it saves youfrom regular cartridge replacements and fear of limited ink supply in thecartridge. The conventional cartridge gives less number of print outs becauseit is a policy of the company to supply cartridges with a certain amount of inkand only from few compatible manufacturers which bounds consumers to buy theirproduct on any price.

CISS is arelatively smart solution to all printing needs. CISS is suitable for home andoffice use, it gives you the freedom to print as many pages as you want withoutany fear of ink consumption and cartridge replacement. You do not need to visitthe store several times in a month. The printing cost is 20 to 30 times lesserthan the usual printing cost that a user bears buying cartridges. You can printdigital color prints, pictures, greeting cards, documents, presentations,brochures and whatever you want in as good quality as cartridge can produce.The CISS kit for any CISS compatible printer comes with:
1.            Tanks with ink.
2.            Multi-channel cable for ink.
3.            Special cartridges with automaticchips.
CISS is anadvanced form of getting relatively cheaper printout than buying expensivecartridges. The process is quite simple, the CISS system provides a continuoussupply of ink to the print head which comes from the ink vessels provided withthe kit. It also saves you from any pause and break in your work, since you donot need to re-fill the cartridge, clean printing head and restart yourprinting task every time.

The CISS isalso known as CFS (Continuous Flow System) and AIRS (Automatic Ink RefillSystem); a bulk feed ink system or an off-axis ink delivery system. Uponresearch you will be surprised to calculate the cost of per printout. Forinstance, the price of an average Epson printer is almost equal to itscompatible cartridge.  It is really astonishing how, with the advent ofthe internet the world has became a global village, and new inventions surfacealmost daily. Itis just a matter of keeping an eye on the technology and the rapid changes thatit brings to us. Therefore CISS is one such discovery which saves you from thehassle of changing cartridges and emptying pockets frequently.

Byinstalling CISS for printers such as Epson, Brother, HP, Canon or anycompatible printer you will get rid of original and conventional ink cartridgeswith the surety of high quality printouts. Print asmany pages as u want without seeing a “low ink or empty cartridgesignals” as CISS prompts the printers to print even at “low ink”levels. All you need is to get a CISS kit and save your printing costs..!

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