A Weblog Is…


What is a Blog?

Blog can be defined as the compressed version of “weblog”. A blog is a personal journal published on website comprising of different posts, in an order that the most recent post appears first on the web page followed by older posts towards the bottom of the web page. Blog can consist of the work of an individual, at times a small group, and it mostly based on any one topic.

What Can Be the Topics Of Blog?

There are blogs on virtually any topic you can imagine about. From recipes, to photography, to interior decoration, to clothing, to relationship issues etc. Importance of blogging is increasing these days as these blog communities bring the people together where they can learn about different things they don’t know and can give opinions about the things they know according to there knowledge and experience, people can share ideas and thoughts, make friends and can even do business with people with similar interests from all around the world.

Blogging is the action you perform when you make a post to a web log or blog, comment on a previous blog post or maintain a blog. Many people who make posts to a blog on a regular basis are referred to as bloggers.