Block Printing

Block printing is a kind of dress designing or cloth designing with the help of a wooden dye, this wooden dye is carved by the dye maker in different types, shapes, patterns and attractive curves to be used in the block printing method. The colors used in block printing are made by mixing up powdered colors with some chemicals to make it long lasting and they do not fade away after several washes. Block printing dresses are very popular in Pakistan, it is one of the preferable dresses during summers though it is a style which is inn 12 months and there is no particular weather in which it should be purchased just like velvet or lawn.

Block printing is done on cotton, lawn-cotton mix and linen type of cloth; this is because the color is perfectly applied on this kind of stuff. One can take ideas of designs and color scheme from different fashion magazines, old civilizations, reading about culture and heritage or by simply imagining the design on color and making combinations to get something innovative. After all the main objective is to look good, no matter you are wearing an expensive dress if the color, design or cloth do no suits your personality it is simply a waste of money.

It is therefore recommended to buy clothes which are reasonable, good quality and should give an elegant look. The concept of dress designing is to give the perfect look to a lady according to her style, choice, personality and affordability. Decency and elegance are two key attributes to look adorable.  Block printing, embroidery dresses, hand made designs with the help of beads, threads and other accessories are pride of eastern way of clothing.

What is block printing

Luckily, there are a number of sources through which online shopping and awareness to eastern dressing is easier. One can simply Google or search on Facebook to find very useful sources which are providing low cost, creative and high quality stitched and un-stitched dresses online. These designers are selling online too and the dresses can be shipped any where around the globe by paying a nominal shipping cost.