Blog Commenting

In today’s digital world blog has become an important source of giving information about anything. Blogs are to be updated time to time and they have an archive on the right side carrying a record of the activities that has been taking place on the blog on different dates and years usually. There are blogs for arts and crafts, technology, science, computers, gadgets and what not. Blogs have background colors, themes and etc according to the wish of the owner of it.

What makes a blog different from a website is that it is social. When a particular article is published on a blog people can comment about it. There is a box to comment which many people use and it is a very good way of communicating. The article writer can also reply back to any queries or anything he would like to say. Blogs are made friendly this way. The bloggers should know the importance of this because it is an excellent feature.

When a person comments on a blog the good thing that he/she gets in return of it is that every time a comment is made on a blog there is a field box for a link of your website which is shared on the blog. Every comment which is made on the blog and approved by it is taken as a link. Not all posts are approved because some people are just looking for posting their links and with a short comment as ‘very nice’ and a link to your web is doubted to be just a post for promoting own website. This is the reason blog commenting should be done properly.

Now a day’s blogs have become an important part of our lives. Through comments we get to know a lot about other websites and what is in them. Information passing was never so easy before.  Blog commenting is an effective way for link backs to a posters own website. It helps grow a blog’s popularity as well as it makes a person social in a group alike. Commenting on are blogs are free and useful as well. People should look forward to participate in them and take advantage from them.